Fire Safety Tips


Recommendations for when to use a Fire Extinguisher

The New Zealand Fire Service recommend that a fire Extinguisher should only be used in the following circumstances.

After everyone has been evacuated and accounted for at a safe meeting place.

After the Fire Service has been called.

When it is safe to do so considering the size and location of the fire.

Access to the fire is unrestricted and a safe retreat is possible at all times.

Remember life is more important than property, don’t put yourself or others at risk.

Only when everyone is outside and the Fire Service has been called and only if its contained and you can safely escape

How to Properly Use an Extinguisher


Always read the instructions on the extinguisher when you first receive it! This will tell you what type of fire the extinguisher will put out and the recommended distance to be from the fire for the type of extinguisher you have.